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                To make it easier to check on those aspects which most often come to mind, that have set out some of the more essential items of information.
  1. Bangkok in Brief
2. Geography
3. Climate and Seasons
4. Population
5. Religion
6. Money
7. Tourist Information
8. Getting Around
9. Language

Tourist Information
Getting Around, Language, Accommodations
Pedalling around old Bangkok
Walking Streets
Khao San Road, Yaowarat Road, Phra Chan Road, Phra Athit Road, Convent Road,
Night Life
Patpong, Pubs and Jazz Clubs, Discotheques,
Art & Culture Centres
Jim Thompson's Thai House, Ban Kamthiang, Narayanaphand, Goethe Institute, Ancient Mon Pottery House
Temples and shrines in Bangkok
Wat etiquette, When Buddhism came here, City of respect, Know more about Buddhism, The Buddha, A monk's day


             Many first-time visitors to Bangkok have little idea of what they will actually encounter. Bangkok metropolis, home to around eight million residents, is a sophisticated, fast-growing and, on occasions, traffic-clogged city. Referred to today as the City of Angels (Krung Thep in Thai), Bangkok was once called the Venice of the East because of its many canals. Although many canals have been filled-in, taking away some of the city’s old-world charm, it is still one of the most intriguing places worth visiting in Southeast Asia. Many visitors keep coming back to the city, some for business, some for vacations and some even to settle down here. With-out doubt, modern-day Bangkok is a tourist mecca of the East offering a greater variety of things to see and do than any other city in Southeast Asia.


              Established in 1782 as Thailand’s capital, the official, full name of the city is probably the longest in the world: Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharat Ratchathani Burirom Udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amon Piman Awaton Sathit Sakkathathiya Wisanukam Prasit.

              Bangkok, City of Angels, offers and abundance of sights and attractions of tourists and is famous for its Buddhist Temples (Wats) including the famous Temple of the Emerald Buddha (Wat Phra Kaeo), adjacent to the Grand Palace. This temple, and other beautiful examples of carefully-preserved Thai architecture, are referred to in more detail in our section on day tours.

              Bangkok, located in the centre of the country, is also an excellent stepping-off point for visiting other parts of Thailand.
              Although the measured pace of old Siam is now a thing of the past, the country’s rich cultural and natural heritage still survives.
              Hotel accommodation in the city covers a variety of price ranges but all offer high standards of service presented by friendly staff. The city probably has the highest concentration of luxury hotels to be found anywhere in the world.

              Today, hotels and shopping venues offer amazing bargains following the depreciation of the Thai baht currency in 1997. And for those in search of bargains, Bangkok has excellent examples of Thai handicrafts; thai antiques; paintings; T-shirts; high-fashion accessories; high-grade Thai silks and high-quality jewellery.

              The section on Amazing Shopping directs you to some of the best spots in the for bargain-hunting.
              The city also boasts a cornucopia of inexpensive restaurants featuring mouth watering dishes from all regions of Thailand and international cuisine from just about everywhere in the world. Many gourmets of Thai food, now rated No. 5 in the world’s culinary top ten, consider Bangkok to be on a par with Hong Kong for gastronomic experiences.

              The city offers a broad variety of restaurants, ranging from simple noodle stands to the most elegant dinning rooms. Visitors from Europe and North America who consider themselves connoisseurs of Thai food will find Bangkok a gastronomic paradise!

              Despite the country’s economic downturn, Thai people continue to be outwardly friendly, greeting visitors with their usual gracious hospitality and sincere expressions of friendship – traits which have earned Thailand the title of “Land of Smile”. And this is no gimmick as you will discover by the time you have to leave Thailand.

              When the time comes, we hope you will leave the city of Bangkok feeling a deep warmth for its many charms and find it fascinating enough to enable us to welcome you back again and again.

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